To the Reid Fox family website!

Hello Friends and Family! Welcome to the Reid Fox Family website. We will utilize this site to share family events, accomplishments, and milestones with everyone as they happen in our lives.

Right now we are mostly featuring the wedding, because let’s face it, it was pretty amazing and so far, the biggest event in our lives! We have the wedding video and a fair amount of the wedding pictures on here as well. All of the photos have been compressed to put up on the net so if anyone needs the High Res version for printing, just let us know to send it your way. There is also a gallery of some of our favorite photos from before the wedding if you just can’t get enough of the love!

So check out our biggest event from 2017, our wedding!! We will be sure to post links and teasers on social media when we have something to share on the website. However, you are free to come and check it out whenever you want!

Thanks for visiting and see you soon!!

Jessica & Steven Reid Fox | Wedding Photo in Ally Way

Check out the spread...

The people over at Rock N Roll Bride Magazine liked the wedding so much the wanted to feature us on their Blog! Sad to say though, the print version is only available in the U.K. and we won't be featured in that. But head on over to their website and check out our story!

The Wedding Was Amazing!!
We could not have pulled it all off without a lot of help!

A Very Special Thanks To...

Director/Producer: Jessica Reid Fox | Executive Producers: James Reid, Mary Skrenes, John Fox, Cindy Fox | 1 st AD/Day-of Coordinator: Merissa Rocco | Production Assistants: Cory Fallon, Stephanie Watman, Traiana Nescheva | Director of Photography/B Cam Op/Video Editing: Tobin Herringshaw | A Cam Op: Liddor Bega | Photographer: KMH Photography | Photo-booth Photographer: Ila Harding | DJ: Add Creative Excitement | First Dance Choreographer: Kim Lowe | Gaffer: James Reid | Electric/Carpentry Crew: Joe M. Reid, Jennifer Stone, Tony Busalacchi, Noe Santos, James Norman, Ryan Galvan, Billy Robertson, Marilyn Capasso | Set Decorators: Heather Reese, Ryan Heise, Steven Fox, Rachel Bonny, Maria Martin, Taylor O’Neill, Jimmy Grob, Keith Breitwieser | Bride’s Hair Color: Leigha Keaveny, Steven Fox, Jessica Reid Fox | Bride’s Hair and Makeup: Chantal Perry | Hair: Nicole Langan | Makeup: Leigha Keaveny | Co-Creator of the Bride’s dress: Diana Eden | Flower Girl dress alterations: Yolondia Dozier | Set Costumer: Amber Thomson | Parking Attendant: Michael Lewis Liu | Greeters: Betty Julius, Rebecca Matson | Ushers: Reagan Pfifer, Mayra Perez-Brittsan | Officiant/Script Supervisor: Emily Couture | Catering & Margaritas: LV Taco | Beer Kegs: Leon at Keg World | Bar Tenders: Gemma Acheson, Kat Sassafrass | Cupcake Bakers: Ricki Radford, Jean Norman | Gear Provided by: JR Lighting, In House Production, CPR Tents & Events